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    • Beef barn under construction at Elora

      Work continues on schedule at new beef research facilities in Elora

      Ontario Beef, October 2020: The new cow barn and some of the renovated pastures at the University of Guelph’s research farm near Elora are now in use - and work continues on construction of the new feedlot.

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    • Cattle in Namibia

      Beef: Genomic time travel for more resilient cattle

      LRIC newsletter, October 2020: An international team of researchers has sequenced the genomes of 172 African cattle and retraced their genetic evolution.

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    • Climate Change: Breed type doesn't influence cattle methane emission

      LRIC newsletter, September 2020: Scientists in Wales have found that breed type has little impact on methane emission levels in cattle.

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    • Automation: Effectiveness of agtech solutions on ranches being put to the test

      LRIC newsletter, September 2020: Researchers evaluating the effectiveness of ag technology on cattle ranches in Western Canada.

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