• Livestock farm with cattle grazing

    Innovation Insights: Time for an Ontario Livestock Manifesto?

    Commentary by Mike McMorris, LRIC CEO, September 2020: Is it time for an Ontario Livestock Manifesto?

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  • Pig pen with air quality sensor

    Getting a grip on swine barn air quality

    Ontario Hog Farmer, August/September 2020: Ventilation issues can contribute to a variety of problems in swine barns, from health challenges in pigs to increased barn fire risk. Typically, barn ventilation and heating rates are controlled by temperature monitoring, but a number of other environmental parameters that aren’t routinely monitored can also have a significant impact on air quality inside a barn.

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  • Ten new beef research projects receive BFO funding support

    Ontario Beef, August 2020: Ten new research projects have just been approved to receive funding from Beef Farmers of Ontario. All projects are at the University of Guelph with the exception of one that is funded at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan.

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  • New directors join Livestock Research Innovation Corporation board

    Guelph ON, 27 July 2020: Three experienced livestock industry professionals have joined the Board of the Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC) as directors. Jean Szkotnicki, Jim White, and Franco Naccarato assumed their new roles at LRIC’s recently held annual general meeting.

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  • Farmer answering questions from a consumer while being videotaped

    Advocacy key to advancing innovation

    Canadian Poultry July/August 2020: Advocacy is something most farm organizations are undertaking in some way, whether with government, consumers, or other stakeholders. It can also be all of the above – or a combination of various target audiences, depending on the issue or the need.

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  • Dare to be dull

    Farmtario, 26 June 2020: I am sure you have heard the old saying “May you live in interesting times”. Now, into month three of COVID-19, never have I wished so much not to be living in such “interesting times”.

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  • Grid variation

    Ontario Hog Farmer, June/July 2020: Hog farmers in Canada are paid for their animals based on a marketing grid that includes carcass weight and leanness. Premiums and deductions are applied based on how precisely pigs meet those specific parameters – and variability can have impacts across the supply chain, starting right on the farm.

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  • COVID-19 changing livestock research

    Farmtario, 4 May 2020: The widespread impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are being felt by the livestock research programs at the University of Guelph. Most active livestock research at the University falls into three categories: shutdown, scale back, or continuing/new.

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  • Watermark LRIC logo

    Advice from the experts – top biosecurity tips for beef farmers

    Ontario Beef, May 2020: In our strange new world of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is now doing what farmers have been doing for years: practicing biosecurity. Agriculture, more than most sectors, has been living biosecurity for decades in an effort to keep livestock healthy and disease-free.

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