• Vaccine needles held in hands

    We need to talk about mRNA vaccines in the meats we eat, says Guelph veterinary professor

    July 18, 2023: LRIC CEO Mike McMorris was interviewed by CBC News for a story featuring Prof. Shayan Sharif from the University of Guelph on the use of mRNA vaccines in livestock production.

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  • broilers

    Working to safeguard the future of animal agriculture

    Ontario Farmer, June 20, 2023: The livestock industry does a good job talking about the benefits of animal agriculture to its own people, but to make a difference, the conversation has to go beyond those limits. So says Hannah Thomson-Weeman, President and CEO of the U.S.-based Animal Agriculture Alliance.

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  • What's next?

    CEO commentary by Mike McMorris: The possibilities for fungus to be incorporated into our daily lives in the coming years are incredible, including for the livestock sector. The key is to be open to the possibilities that they offer.

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  • Ian Ross, Grand Valley Fortifiers

    Livestock, climate and sustainability

    Canadian Poultry, June 2023: There’s a growing narrative that eliminating animal agriculture is the key solution to the world’s climate change problem. According to Ian Ross of Grand Valley Fortifiers, this ignores the critical role that livestock plays in global food protein security, regenerative agriculture, and carbon sequestration. 

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  • Ultra-processed foods impact digestion and human health, says expert

    June 2023: The single biggest cause of illness and death in western countries are diet-related chronic diseases – and according to University of Guelph professor Michael Rogers, who spoke at the recent LRIC symposium, the evolution of ultra-processed foods is a major culprit. 

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  • Burger and fries

    Beyond the label

    CEO Commentary by Mike McMorris: The human digestive system is complex but there is some truth to the old adage “you are what you eat”.

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  • News release: Livestock Research Innovation Corporation elects new leadership

    June 14, 2023: Don Gordon has been elected as the new Chair of Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC). Gordon, who farms in Durham Region and represents Dairy Farmers of Ontario on the LRIC board, assumes the role after serving two years as LRIC’s Vice President. 

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  • Taking a fresh look at deadstock

    Ontario Dairy Farmer, June 2023: LRIC, with funding from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, is currently leading a study to revisit the deadstock issue in the province in hopes of finding new solutions to this long-time challenge. 

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  • News release: LRIC names Early Career Research Award recipient

    June 5, 2023: A University of Guelph researcher who will focus her research on one of the most important pathogens in small ruminant livestock is the winner of this year’s Early Career Research Award. Dr. Emma Borkowski received her award at the Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC) annual symposium on June 1.

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