• A shot in the arm

    Commentary by Mike McMorris, LRIC CEO, December 2020: That shot in the arm we can all expect in the coming months as part of the ongoing fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has a fantastic backstory, and lesson for the livestock industry.

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  • Sheep grazing in a pasture

    Innovation Insights: Regenerative what?

    Commentary by Mike McMorris, LRIC CEO, November 2020: The latest phrase getting a lot of buzz and attention is “regenerative agriculture”, but what does that mean and why should Ontario livestock producers care?

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  • Are livestock industries prepared for life after COVID?

    Farmtario, 21 October, 2020: Every parent has heard that phrase coming from the backseat! Now, as adults, we find ourselves asking that relative to the pandemic affecting us in so many ways. The end date is unknown, but what can we expect the Ontario livestock sector look like post-COVID?

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  • Dairy sector ready for second wave of COVID-19

    Ontario Dairy Farmer, November 2020: As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic gathers steam in Canada, the nation’s food supply chain - and the dairy sector in particular - is much better prepared to handle new rounds of upheaval than six months ago.

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  • Beef barn under construction at Elora

    Work continues on schedule at new beef research facilities in Elora

    Ontario Beef, October 2020: The new cow barn and some of the renovated pastures at the University of Guelph’s research farm near Elora are now in use - and work continues on construction of the new feedlot.

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  • Cattle grazing in a pasture

    Innovation Insights: Build back better?

    Commentary by Mike McMorris, LRIC CEO, October 2020: While most focus the past six months has been on dealing with COVID-19, you will have heard people talking recently about “Building Back Better”. But just what exactly does that mean?

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  • Hen in a nesting box with eggs

    Poultry: Cage-free production requires health program rethink

    LRIC newsletter, October 2020: Cage-free egg production results in poultry health problems not commonly seen in conventional laying hens.

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  • Pigs

    Swine: A better understanding of the impact of PRRS on reproduction

    LRIC newsletter, October 2020: University of Saskatchewan researchers are investigating the reproductive impacts of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome on pig fetuses.

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  • Potato peels

    Feed: From food waste to animal feed

    LRIC newsletter, October 2020: A Dutch company has developed fermentation technology to produce fatty acids from fruit and vegetable waste for inclusion into animal feed.

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