• dairy cows in pasture

    Recommendations for developing an Ontario path forward for deadstock

    Milk Producer, February 2024: A new report for Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC) has set forward a list of recommendations for managing on-farm livestock mortalities in Ontario. Topping the list is the establishment of a coordinating body to oversee deadstock management in the province, coupled with continued investment by both industry and government to support that organization’s activities.

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  • Research & innovation key to successful future for Canadian livestock industry, report says

    Ontario Beef, February 2024: A new report puts research, innovation and a comprehensive policy approach as core pillars underpinning the successful future of Canada’s livestock industry. Report co-author Al Mussell will be speaking about the report’s findings at the BFO annual meeting on February 22.

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  • Engineering a better farm

    CEO Commentary: A beef farmer observed recently that the past few years have seen an amazing evolution of technology and automation - in the crops world. He was making the point that the livestock sector was being left behind.

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  • Lee-Anne Huber

    Using research to solve practical swine industry problems

    Better Pork, February 2024: Dr. Lee-Anne Huber’s goal for her swine research program at the University of Guelph is simple: to answer nutrition-related questions and real-world challenges producers are facing. She sees her position as a service role to the pork industry with her research focused on sow nutrition.

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  • Charting the path forward for the livestock sector with research and innovation

    Milk Producer, December 2023: A new report puts research, innovation and a comprehensive policy approach as core pillars underpinning the successful future of Canada’s livestock industry. The report by the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI) notes that the complexity and interconnectedness of animal agriculture means its value and impact can’t be measured with simple metrics and that many challenges and opportunities are shared ac

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  • Trust

    CEO Commentary: A big part of getting research into practice (GRIP) is successfully moving useful information along a line of people - from researcher to farmer, for example. At the end of the line, the farmer needs to make a decision of whether or not to make a change on their farm. The key to those decisions is the trust that the farmer puts in the source of the information. 

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  • Looking past the headlines at livestock, climate and sustainability

    Ontario Beef, December 2023: There’s a growing narrative that eliminating animal agriculture is the key solution to the world’s climate change problem – much to the frustration of the livestock industry that this ignores the critical role that farm animals play in global food protein security, regenerative agriculture, and carbon sequestration. 

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  • Alternative proteins’ impact on the livestock sector

    Farmtario, November 27, 2023: As far as alternate proteins go, the future is here. When considering livestock products such as meat, milk and eggs, consumers have many plant-based options and the expectation of cellularly produced products in the near future. The past three to five years have seen a huge investment in plant-based alternatives.  

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  • Farms vulnerable to cyber security threats, new research shows

    Milk Producer, November 2023: As Canada’s farms become more connected and more digital, there is a consensus among experts that it’s a matter of when and not if a farm business will experience a cyber security problem. 

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