• Alexandra Harlander holding a bird

    UG researcher studies laying hens, their manure and how it affects their welfare

    Canadian Poultry, February 2020: Ammonia is one of the biggest air quality challenges in poultry barns. Prof. Alexandra Harlander teamed up with Prof. Bill van Heyst of the University of Guelph’s School of Engineering on a project to determine the impact on laying hen behaviour of fresh vs air contaminated with ammonia.

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  • Identifying genetic markers that influence beef cattle reproduction and fertility

    Ontario Beef, February 2019: Prof. Angela Cánovas of the University of Guelph is leading a research team that has developed new software that has identified areas of the cattle genome that influence reproductive success and failure. This work is now being validated in both beef and dairy herds of various breeds, including collaboration with the American Angus Association.

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