• Alternative Proteins: What the meat industry could learn from Impossible Foods

    LRIC newsletter, September 2020: It's time for the livestock and poultry industries to be proactive on innovation to secure a stable future for animal proteins, writes the author of the weekly Prime Future newsletter.

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  • Climate Change: Why is no one talking about agriculture as a solution?

    LRIC newsletter, September 2020: Agriculture has enormous climate change mitigating capacities that aren't been harnessed - why is that?

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  • Swine: "Piglet balconies" boost performance in weaner pigs

    LRIC newsletter, September 2020: A recent German vet school trial has found that weaner pigs in pens with an extra platform perform better than those living in pens with a single floor.

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  • Pig pen with air quality sensor

    Getting a grip on swine barn air quality

    Ontario Hog Farmer, August/September 2020: Ventilation issues can contribute to a variety of problems in swine barns, from health challenges in pigs to increased barn fire risk. Typically, barn ventilation and heating rates are controlled by temperature monitoring, but a number of other environmental parameters that aren’t routinely monitored can also have a significant impact on air quality inside a barn.

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  • Grid variation

    Ontario Hog Farmer, June/July 2020: Hog farmers in Canada are paid for their animals based on a marketing grid that includes carcass weight and leanness. Premiums and deductions are applied based on how precisely pigs meet those specific parameters – and variability can have impacts across the supply chain, starting right on the farm.

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  • Pigs in loose housing with enrichment

    Producers know their best management practices, but need to boost consistent implementation

    Ontario Hog Farmer, July/August 2019: In Canada, hog farmers have a fairly high understanding of what the best management practices (BMPs) are in each area of their barn. The challenge is consistent, daily use of those BMPs.

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  • Interior of a clean livestock trailer with saw dust

    Two things producers can do to boost transport biosecurity

    Ontario Hog Farmer, May/June 2019: There are two big things farmers can do to help livestock transporters do their jobs better – while improving their own farm biosecurity to boot. At the same time, it could also help make livestock transportation a more attractive career choice; it’s a sector that is anticipating a big driver shortage in the coming years, according to Tyler Jutzi of Brussels Transport.

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  • The global shift: Using machine learning in the search for antimicrobial alternatives in pork production

    Ontario Hog Farmer, April 2019: At the University of Guelph, researchers are looking at antimicrobial peptides as a way to control salmonella infection in pigs – in fact, they’re searching for peptides they can use to design totally new peptides that will be both effective and safe.

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