• Stopping ASF spread by wild boars

    Better Pork, April 2024: Wild boars are a reservoir for African Swine Fever as well as other pig and human diseases, and ASF can spread rapidly from the wild population into domestic swine production herds. Could gene editing help suppress Canada's wild boar population?

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  • Lee-Anne Huber

    Using research to solve practical swine industry problems

    Better Pork, February 2024: Dr. Lee-Anne Huber’s goal for her swine research program at the University of Guelph is simple: to answer nutrition-related questions and real-world challenges producers are facing. She sees her position as a service role to the pork industry with her research focused on sow nutrition.

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  • Chopped bacon

    Growing bacon in a bioreactor instead of a barn?

    Ontario Farmer, June 14, 2022: Cellular agriculture – often popularly called “lab-grown” or “animal-free” – uses animal cell cultures, tissue engineering or precision fermentation-based techniques to create products like meat, dairy and eggs that have to date always come from traditional livestock production.

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  • Looking sideways can help livestock industry embrace disruptors

    Ontario Hog Farmer, April - May 2022: There are two categories of disruptors facing the livestock sector, and the industry is encouraged to look outside of itself for solutions that will help it be on the right side of coming change. 

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  • Sign in a field showing future home of the Ontario Swine Research Facility

    Collaboration necessary to move research from the lab to the farm

    Ontario Hog Farmer, February 2022: Improving the conversion rate and spurring more adoption of research outcomes is an issue for the entire livestock industry. Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC), an umbrella organization for livestock research and innovation in Ontario, is working on improving not just how research results get to producers but also how to encourage change on the farm and in the industry.

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  • Pigs in a barn

    University of Guelph decision support system could predict the next pandemic

    Influenza virus that jumps from pigs or poultry to humans could be catastrophic By Lilian Schaer for Livestock Research Innovation Corporation For Shayan...

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  • Growth in the fringe

    Ontario Hog Farmer, October/November 2021: For a long time, alternative protein options have been fringe players in the food world. That’s no longer the case as their popularity has started to grow rapidly, particularly with younger consumers. That’s partially due to market positioning as being “cleaner and healthier” than conventional animal-based products, but they’re also increasingly being promoted as a way to fight climate change.

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  • The changing face of livestock research

    Ontario Dairy Farmer, August 2021: Artificial intelligence will enable more precise management of individual animals. As the issues facing livestock producers the globe over are changing in their complexity, so is the research being done to address those issues.

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  • Bringing industry and researchers together to spur innovation

    Ontario Hog Farmer, June/July 2021: Karen De Bruyn has some unique insights when it comes to research and the pork industry. Not only did she grow up on a family hog operation in Oxford County, but she also completed a master’s degree with well-known University of Guelph swine researcher Dr. Bob Friendship.

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