• Genetics and gut bacteria the biggest influence on feed efficiency, new research shows

    Ontario Beef, October 2019: A University of Guelph beef geneticist has found that the specific bacteria in a beef animal’s gut combined with their own unique genetic profile could influence how efficiently they can absorb nutrients. That’s information that can be used to select more efficient animals, which could ultimately mean lower feed costs and healthier herds.

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  • Laying hens in a conventional cage

    From the barn: perspectives on alternative housing systems

    Canadian Poultry, October 2019: Alternative housing options for poultry abound and there are likely more to come as the search for the best housing solutions continues and the Canadian industry inches ever-closer to drawing the curtain on conventional cages.

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  • Mike McMorris

    Livestock Research Innovation Corporation appoints new CEO

    Guelph ON, 9 August 2019 – Long-time livestock industry leader Mike McMorris will be the new CEO of Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC). McMorris, most recently General Manager of AgSights, assumes the position on September 1.

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  • Katie Wood at Elora Beef Research Station

    Does how a cow is fed during pregnancy impact the life-long performance of her calf?

    Ontario Beef, August 2019: Work is underway at the University of Guelph to see whether the nutritional treatment of cows during the third trimester of pregnancy has any kind of impact on their calves. Researchers will follow the calves throughout their lives right until processing to assess their health, growth, and other production parameters.

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  • Pigs in loose housing with enrichment

    Producers know their best management practices, but need to boost consistent implementation

    Ontario Hog Farmer, July/August 2019: In Canada, hog farmers have a fairly high understanding of what the best management practices (BMPs) are in each area of their barn. The challenge is consistent, daily use of those BMPs.

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  • Former ARIO Chair sees positive path forward for Ontario livestock research

    Ontario Farmer, May 21, 2019: A lot of change happened during Stewart Cressman’s 13 years on the board of the Agricultural Research Institute of Ontario (ARIO). But as he reflects back on the organization he chaired for eight years, he’s confident ARIO – and livestock research in Ontario – are on the right path forward.

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  • Shining the light for safety and quality

    Canadian Poultry, May 2019: A Waterloo, Ontario-based company is using a combination of physics, chemistry and artificial intelligence to gain a better understanding of poultry meat and help boost food safety in processing facilities. And those are only two of potentially multiple applications for hyperspectral imaging in the poultry industry.

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  • New beef barn under construction at University of Guelph research farm in Elora ON

    Behind the barn doors: What Guelph’s new beef research facilities will offer

    Ontario Beef, May 2019: Construction on the new beef facilities at the University of Guelph’s research farm near Elora is in full swing. They’re part of the institution’s vision to become a leader in beef cattle research in Eastern Canada – and globally – that has also included numerous new staff hires in recent years.

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  • Study finds resistance to de-wormers in Ontario beef cattle

    Ontario Beef, May 2019: Gastrointestinal nematodes, also known as roundworms, are common in beef cattle, mostly spread orally on pasture. In small ruminants like sheep and goats, anthelmintic resistance – resistance to deworming products – is a significant problem, and University of Guelph researchers suspected this might also be a problem in Ontario beef herds.

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