University of Guelph Faculty - Industry Mentorship Program - 2020      (OAC/OVC/CEPS)


Innovation requires many things, including sound research rooted in industry needs; effective working relationships between faculty and industry; and effective technology transfer involving many organizations.

Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC) is a not for profit organization supported by Ontario’s livestock organizations and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.  LRIC’s mission is to drive innovation through the livestock value chain. One way to do this is to help new OAC, OVC and CEPS faculty become quickly and positively connected to the livestock industry.  To help meet this objective, LRIC is pleased to offer new faculty the opportunity to  participate in a mentorship program.

Each mentorship experience will be unique however in general, it will include:

  • A series of sessions that is well suited to help meet those goals
  • Further introductions to industry (organizations and individuals)
  • Invitation to relevant events (when COVID 19 conditions permit)
  • Assistance in understanding relevant history and current processes and issues
  • Farm/industry visits that help meet the mentorship objectives (when COVID 19 conditions permit)

Each faculty participating would be expected to:

  • Commit the necessary time to meetings, farm visits, etc.
  • Build positive working relationships
  • Prepare an end of mentorship report, including how goals were/were not met; an assessment of the mentorship; and thoughts on how the program could be improved for future participants

For more information on the next program, contact LRIC at 519 766 5464 or

2020 Participants


  • Picture of Dave Renaud

    Dave Renaud

  • Heather Murphy

  • Amin Komeili

  • Rafael Santos

  • Erica Pensini

  • Jennifer Ellis

  • Charlotte Winder

  • Huiyan Li

  • Picture of Samuel Workenhe

    Samuel Workenhe