University of Guelph Early Career Faculty - Industry Mentorship Program

Innovation requires many things, including sound research rooted in industry needs; effective working relationships between faculty and industry; and effective technology transfer involving many organizations.  The key objective of our mentorship program is to quickly build positive working relationships between early career faculty and industry. 

Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC) is a not for profit organization with a mission is to drive innovation through the livestock value chain. One way to do this is to help early career faculty become quickly and positively connected to the livestock industry.  To help meet this objective, LRIC is pleased to offer early career faculty the opportunity to  participate in a mentorship program.

 Program Guide

$70,000 Early Career Research Award

We are also pleased to offer a competitive research bursary opportunity to the participants of the current and previous year that emphasizes collaboration and connections with industry. LRIC, Grand River Agricultural Society (GRAS), Western Fair Association (WFA), Ontario Agricultural College (OAC) and Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) have all contributed to create this award to support a research project or program that will foster and build knowledge and capacity in the Ontario livestock sector and contribute to cross sector and discipline research.

Funding decisions will be made by a selection committee of LRIC and stakeholder representatives. Proposals are due in early May, with the top five invited to make a presentation to the selection committee. The award(s) will be presented at the LRIC Annual Meeting.

2023 - 2024 Participants

  • Rita Couto Serrenho

  • Kelsey Spence

2022 - 2023 Participants

  • Emma Borkowski

  • Alice Marciniak

  • Jason Wall

2021 - 2022 Participants

  • Erica Pensini

  • Laura Favetta

  • Bahram Gharabaghi

  • Ahmed Mahmood

  • Mostafa Elsharqawy

  • Nicole Ricker

  • Syeda Tasnim

  • Kim Schneider

  • Marcio de Souza Duarte

  • Michelle Linington

  • Ataharul Chowdhury

  • Elizabeth Shantz

  • Keriann McGoogan

2020 - 2021 Participants

  • Picture of Dave Renaud

    Dave Renaud

  • Heather Murphy

  • Amin Komeili

  • Rafael Santos

  • Erica Pensini

  • Jennifer Ellis

  • Charlotte Winder

  • Huiyan Li

  • Picture of Samuel Workenhe

    Samuel Workenhe