About LRIC

Creating a robust future for the livestock value chain

LRIC believes that the livestock industry will continue to underpin the prosperity of Ontario.  We help to create a bright future through collaborative, creative and practical research and innovation.   Our funding comes from all livestock sectors and provincial and federal governments.  We provide members with an end to end research system; communication of discoveries in context of the livestock reality; identification of emerging issues; and a focus on a further horizon.

What we do:

      Provide member services:

  • Assist with research priority setting
  • Research management system and support (calls, selection, reports)
  • Develop annual cross-sector priorities document
  • Develop summaries of national and international reports
  • Identify challenges and opportunities in the longer (3-5 year) term

      Drive improvement:

  • Contribute to continuous improvement of Ontario livestock’s research and innovation system*
  • Ensure industry needs, drive government research priorities
  • Create collaboration and cross-sector opportunities
  • Promote more widespread adoption of research outcomes by industry

      Coordinate strategic focus:

  • Identify and raise awareness of emerging issues affecting the industry
  • Seize today’s learning opportunities for a better tomorrow (e.g. COVID-19)
  • Understand and involve the entire supply chain from production to consumers
  • Build skills and networks of key players (e.g. mentorship program for new faculty)
  • Propose bold new actions (e.g.  Ontario Livestock Manifesto)


  • Forward-looking focus
  • Demonstrated leadership: “Positive/Proactive/Professional”
  • Centralized hub for livestock research, innovation, networking and mentorship
  • Insightful communication
  • Trusted intermediary between industry, government and academia with consistent and frequent contact with all stakeholders

*LRIC definition of Ontario’s livestock research and innovation system:

The sum and interaction of assets (funding, facilities, HPQ) and processes (priorities, project management, commercialization, regulatory support and extension) related to knowledge creation and the adoption of change along the supply chain. This system must benefit the economy through revenue generation and job growth; address environmental and animal welfare issues; result in sustainable growth of the Ontario livestock sector along the entire supply chain; and respond to consumer demands.