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NEWS RELEASE: Province renews funding

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    • Alternative proteins’ impact on the livestock sector

      Farmtario, November 27, 2023: As far as alternate proteins go, the future is here. When considering livestock products such as meat, milk and eggs, consumers have many plant-based options and the expectation of cellularly produced products in the near future. The past three to five years have seen a huge investment in plant-based alternatives.  

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    • Farms vulnerable to cyber security threats, new research shows

      Milk Producer, November 2023: As Canada’s farms become more connected and more digital, there is a consensus among experts that it’s a matter of when and not if a farm business will experience a cyber security problem. 

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    • Communicating research results

      Farmtario, August 7, 2023: There is a lot of research going on in Canada related to the big issues facing the livestock sector. This type of research needs to be highly focused which means that outcomes often are as well. Resulting news stories tend to use simple metrics, such as greenhouse gas emissions per unit of gross product, which can be misleading.

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    • News Release: Province renews funding for Livestock Research Innovation Corporation

      November 9, 2023: The governments of Canada and Ontario have reached a $2 million funding agreement with Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC). The agreement will provide support for LRIC’s activities for the next five years through the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (Sustainable CAP).

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