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    • Global leaders gather to take action on sustainable livestock production

      Milk Producer, April 2024: Livestock are seen as both a source of greenhouse gas emissions and a solution to climate change. To help bring balance, dialogue and understanding to the issue, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations last fall hosted the first-ever Global Conference on Sustainable Livestock Transformation. 

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    • The protein shortage problem is real

      Farmtario, April 29, 2024: The world has a protein problem. To be more precise, it has a protein shortage problem. Once digestibility and amino acid balance are considered, there is actually less protein than what’s needed to satisfy human requirements. This shortage can only get worse in coming years with rising populations, a desire by a growing middle class for more protein in their diets, and production challenges resulting from climate change. 

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    • Putting the “I” in Innovation

      CEO Commentary: Innovation is a system that relies on having funding, clear and meaningful priorities, excellent project management, means of getting research into practice (GRIP), and commercialization. The key ingredient to successful innovation though is clear: people.

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    • Stopping ASF spread by wild boars

      Better Pork, April 2024: Wild boars are a reservoir for African Swine Fever as well as other pig and human diseases, and ASF can spread rapidly from the wild population into domestic swine production herds. Could gene editing help suppress Canada's wild boar population?

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