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    • Training coming down the track

      The colour of the train

      CEO Commentary by Mike McMorris, May 2022: I recently read an article questioning whether or not you can trust a “pro-beef” professor. The author asks, can you trust him to provide unbiased research results?

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    • Industry needs to “look sideways” for solutions to big issues

      Canadian Poultry, May 2022: “In agriculture, we are very good at talking to ourselves, but we need to widen the blinkers, take in what others are doing and listen to the experiences of other organizations and what they are doing," says Brian Lindsay, Director for the Dairy Sustainability Framework and UK-based owner of a global consultancy focused on sustainable food systems.

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    • Do livestock fit into Ontario’s future?

      CEO commentary by Mike McMorris, April 2022: On a recent morning, I read two articles that present drastically different visions of agriculture in Ontario, one short-term and one long-term.

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    • Getting research into practice

      Milk Producer, January 2022: There’s no shortage of research happening in the livestock industry in Canada and around the world, particularly related to dairy. A lot of research, though - and some would argue the majority - never actually makes that jump to on-farm implementation. 

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